The Boss

The headstrong leader who refuses to settle for anything less than Beyonce. Say it with me, “Slayyy!!” And that’s exactly what you do. You slay in every possible way. You’re a natural born leader. When you walk in the room, all eyes on you. Doesn’t matter if it's your living room, a work meeting, a club, or target. You werk that room, boo.

When you think of The Boss, do you automatically start singing the Genovian National Anthem, start quoting Princess Mia, and wish Fat Louie was yours? Because same. That was the dream growing up. To have a long lost grandmother show up and instantly turn you into royalty. Well The Ruler doesn’t sit around dreaming of a queen for a grandma. The Ruler finds the Queen Elizabeth II and demands to be a prince or princess, and the Queen says, “Aight, you’re way cooler than my grandsons anyway.” But in a fancy British accent, obviously. The Boss goes after what they want, and makes no apology for it. They fight. They win. They Rule.

So, are you a boss? A take no BS son of a gun? Are you classy as hell? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then I now dub thee...The Boss. Embrace it. Live it. Let everyone know there’s a new Queen/King B in town and then make them bow down.

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